Photographic Safaris

Our photo safaris take you into the finest wildlife regions of Botswana and Tanzania for action packed wildlife photography OR into the stunning beauty of Namibia’s rugged wilderness for captivating landscape photography. If you wish to expand the creativity of your own photography, capture quality award-winning images and experience the absolute very best wilderness regions on the African continent then click here for more information 

Memorable wildlife images are not simply just beautiful photographs of animals: they are captivating portraits of animal behaviour in the wild...

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START HERE: below is a list of our photo safari destinations with a little information about each expedition. Once you have decided on a photography destination use the  'click here' tab and access all the detailed safari information and prices. Then contact us today to secure your safari reservation or to discuss your options.

Our expeditions fill quickly so we advise you book early to avoid disappointment. If our expedition dates don’t fit with your plans then let us know, we arrange Private Expeditions upon request.




31 AUG - 09 SEPT 2016  - fully booked

15  SEPT -24 SEPT 2016 - fully booked

13 AUG- 22 AUG 2017 - open for bookings now

01 SEPT- 10 SEPT 2017 - fully booked

12 SEPT- 21 SEPT 2017- fully booked

23 SEPT- 02 OCT 2017- fully booked

Botswana is Africa's premier destination for PREDATOR PHOTOGRAPHY. Within it's pristine wilderness lie rich populations of Wild Dog, Leopard, Lion and prey. Our predator safaris are in September when the light is warm, the days are long, and the tension between predator and prey is fierce. We have dedicated our Botswana Photo Safaris to capturing the dramatic wildlife confrontations that occur when the tension between predator and prey overflows. Our Ten day, all-inclusive photo safaris take you deep into the world famous Okavango Delta and Chobe national park; these stunning locations make the perfect backdrop to dramatic wildlife images. When you join our exclusive predator photo safaris, you will find yourself in the thick of the action with fantastic opportunities to photograph not just the big predators but Africa's other iconic wildlife. All that is needed is you and your camera…

If photographing Africa's big predators is a priority and if retuning home with stunning predator images is a key consideration then you should Click here for detailed safari information, dates and prices then join one of our Botswana Predator Safaris





July - AUG  - Sept 2016: On request

The annual WILDEBEEST MIGRATION is one of the greatest wildlife photography events on earth. Our Tanzania Photo Safari joins the migration in the north of the Serengeti National Park. It is here that in excess of one million Wildebeest converge on the Crocodile infested waters of the Mara river. Beyond this river lie the fresh grasslands of the Masai Mara, behind the massive herds are a host of predators. This is a place of high drama and action, at a time of year when the light is soft and warm. Aside from the fantastic predator photography this is your opportunity to be on the banks of the Mara river ready to capture the frenzied river crossings of thousands of Wildebeest at a time.

From here we venture for 3 days to Rwanda to witness the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

Become part of an exclusive photo safari (max 4) dedicated to photographing this truly remarkable natural event, enjoy the benefits of photographing off-track from open-sided safari vehicles and go out on foot to meet with the world's most amazing but highly endangered primates: click here for detailed safari information, dates and prices.




22 AUGUST - 30 AUGUST 2017

The stark LANDSCAPES of Namibia are raw, wild and extraordinarily beautiful. With diverse flora and fauna, rugged mountains and the bright orange dunes of the world's oldest desert, each varied location offers incredible material for more than just landscape photography. Our Namibian Photo Safaris take you to the very best photographic destinations; the tallest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, stunning Aloe forests and the wonderful Himba people. Then we give you the time and space to explore and capture stunning imagery. These safaris cater to a maximum of six participants. We have organised comfortable lodge accommodation and sturdy 4X4 vehicles to transport you and your equipment. We travel in August when the air is clean and the light is crisp, a perfect enviroment for both day and night photography. 

Embark on a photographic journey to a world unlike anything you have seen before. click here for detailed safari information, dates and prices


Private Expeditions

Private Expeditions

When Wildlight Safaris organise a Private Photographic Safari we handpick locations based on your personal photographic requirements, then we select a style of accommodation that complements the occasion and you. We will arrange for you, your own private vehicle, guide and tracker and you will have as much time as you need to explore and discover the wonders of Africa.

There are a couple of options open for your consideration. You can enjoy complete freedom and request your own travel dates and destination. We will work closely with you throughout the entire planning process to ensure your personal requirements are met. Or you can simply choose one of the departure dates already available in Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia and make it your own private photo safari. Once again we will make sure all your personal requirments are met within these existing time frames and safari styles. 

If a Private Photo Safari is the perfect option for you then Contact us today - (minimum 6 nights)

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