We feel fortunate to be part of the unforgettable African adventures our clients have and look forward to their travel stories and comments.   Below are some recent contributions.

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Bernard (Belgium 2016)

Private Photo Safari Botswana

It was fantastic. Hard to beat and really special. I liked the diversity of the locations, the lengths of the stays, the friendliness of everyone involved at the different locations etc. Botswana does a great job - literally nothing went wrong on the trip and I was amazed how all connections worked like clockwork. 

Barrie (USA 2016)

Botswana Photographic Safari

Thanks for the email. Been home for about 10 hours. I had a great trip.  Colin and Chris were great at finding the animals and positioning us for maximal photo opportunities.  Then Dean and Chris provided the artistic direction to help me maximize the photographic results.  I improved at exposing  light correctly, especially backlight and midday light.  Also as a result of this trip I'm much more adept at exposure compensation. Dean also helped me with saving, organizing and making copies of my images into Lightroom.  I'm very appreciative of that.  Then when my card reader failed, he let me use his.I also feel like the experience was as "close to the ground" as possible --Just what I wanted.  The cook did an amazing job, really amazing, accommodating my dairy intolerance. THANK YOU

Nicolas (Switzerland 2016)

Private Photo Safari Botswana

I had a blast, everything went very smooth very good organisation indeed. Optimal selection of great and different places. Plenty of Lions, the Kalahari experience was quite unique. 

Katey (New Zealand 2016)

Namibia Photographic Safari 

Oh, words cannot describe our incredible time in Namibia, thank you thank you. Learned so much, seen so much & laughed so much. It was fabulous, I will call you soon to tell you all, still at the airport.

Louise (Australia 2015)

Wildlight Photographic Safari Botswana
We had an amazing time with Dean. He'll be pleased to know that Jason is now the official photography instructor to anyone in need of understanding exposure compensation. LOL. We're now confident we'll be getting the best out of our cameras for the rest of our trip so please thank Dean for all his deep breaths and patience! 
We absolutely adored Mr C (Collin) and Dasher (Darryl) as well as Christopher. In fact I would gladly pack Dash in my bag and take him home, he was so sweet. Needless to say they run a top notch business and their passion for wildlife was clear. Thanks to them and Dean's dedication to getting those shots, we couldn't have had a more spectacular experience. 
The group of people we had were awesome. Jas already wants to plan a reunion trip. 

John (United Kingdom 2015)

Namibia Landscape & Wildlife Photo Safari

Thanks for organising the trip to Namibia.
It far exceeded my wildest expectations. I had a fabulous time and Dean was really good company.
The whole trip was great and i am now starting to work my way through my photo's So a very big thank you to you both.
I owe Dean an apology though. He must be the only tour guide in the world that buy's the drinks on the final evening. If i hear of anyone interested in a trip to Africa, New Zealand or any of your destinations i will certainly recommend you to them…….and let them know about the free drinks on the final night ;)
All the best for now and i hope i can do another trip with you at some point in the future

Katy & John (United Kingdom 2015)

Hi Patricia
Just to say we got back from Zambia yesterday, and what a holiday!
The places we stayed were completely wonderful; the staff at both camps could not have been more helpful and friendly, the settings were beautiful and the wildlife was totally stunning!
We arrived at the Chongwe River Camp, after thinking Flatdogs would be a very hard act to follow and wondering if we should have planned to stay there, to find not only was it in the most stunning location right on the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi, with wide views over both, but that we had been upgraded to the "Aldiba" family suite for the duration of our stay their. It was stunning.
We are already planning how and when we could go back to bothHugely impressed with Zambia, Flatdogs and Chongwe. Nothing seemed too much trouble throughout.All the flights and travel arrangements you organised worked smoothly without any hiccups at all. Timings were all great - plenty of time without too much hanging around, and we particularly enjoyed the small private charter flight back from Royal, of course.
Wildlife in the 2 parks incredible: we had a total of 14 separate leopard sightings over the 2 camps, including one during the walking safari, which was a lifetime highlight for me. Very very high quality, and lovely, guides. Superb throughout.
Hard to imagine a better holiday in any respect.
We will definitely be going back to Zambia
Very many thanks for your expert help and exploring lots of options, with very short notice, to put together such a great trip. Very happy of course to answer any questions about any aspect of the trip for your future reference and planning.

Michael (Australia) ( 2015)

(Teen) Family Safari Cape Town, Botswana & Livingstone

One and Only is a fantastic hotel great location at the V&A Waterfront 3  min walk to shops restaurants markets Robben Island ferry etc.  Rooms are huge, breakfast is fantastic and food and drink prices were very reasonable.  Ludwig our guide was excellent too a really nice guy who was very flexible with schedule.
San Camp was absolutely stunning you were right we should have had 3 nights there especially as the first day was really a transit day.  Our guide Greg a Zim and trained zoologist was brilliant so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  The quad biking, bushmen and Meerkat encounter were highlights as was the camp so beautiful.  The amount and diversity of the wildlife was a bonus as we had very low expectations yet there were enormous herds of Wildebeest and zebra.  They have set up a permanent source of water now near the camp so I think in future they will always have large numbers of big animals.
Jao was stunning too and the water based activities were excellent.  The accommodation and food were excellent as was our guide Maipaa.
Chiefs was also brilliant the rooms were great the food and the welcoming nature of the staff were exceptional (I liked that senior management were locals).  We saw the Big 5 here including a Black Rhino as you know they have reintroduced Black and White Rhino to Chiefs Island.  Again our guide Benson was excellent.
Transfer to Livingstone all went very smoothly, as did everything else I have to say, it was an adventure - plane, boat and car!  The Bushtracks people were very good.
Royal Livingstone Hotel is fabulous only criticism is rooms are quite small.  But all other aspects are first rate.  Cost of food and drink is very reasonable.  The activities at Vic Falls as you probably know are ridiculously expensive by any standards everything was $150-200/person so with 5 people we spent $2500 in a couple of days.  
So a holiday of a lifetime, no complaints about anything would recommend all of the camps and hotels unreservedly and the order we did it was perfect.  So thank you very much for all of your advice and arrangements!!

Chris (New Zealand 2014)

Wildlight Photographic Landscape Safari Namibia

Tomorrow I leave here heading for a three leg flight - 18 hours total flight time and 30 hours in total journey time. It will be great to see the family again!

Before I do leave though I must make a huge shout out to Wildlight Safaris, for their well packaged Photo Safari that saw us ravel some 2500kms over the last 12 days where no stone was left unturned in ensuring we were well accommodated, well fed, had the best tuition and the best photographic opportunity where very few people were. Dean and Patricia - THANK YOU!

If ever you are thinking of doing a photo safari then Wildlight Safaris comes highly recommended.

Yanqi & Vignesh (Sri Lanka 2014)

Honeymoon Safari Zimbabwe & Botswana- High end permanent Camps

We have just returned on Saturday (we had to go to Switzerland for a week after our grand African trip), and just got down to clearing our emails and work! Zimbabwe and Botswana are amazing! We really marvelled the superb level of hospitality they provided to us in the midst of the wilderness. We particularly enjoyed Selina and Jao Camp, and met some really wonderful staff and people on the trip. Between the two camps, we will be hard pressed to pick a favourite. 
Game viewing wise, Hwange offered the most incredible experience. We had some really good sightings of lions, and a close shave with a lioness who darted right next to Vignesh’s side of the jeep and got away with his blanket which fell off the vehicle. THAT incident was unnerving, because we couldn’t see what the lioness was after, and she was just making her way toward us/the vehicle in her predatory mode. Ruth, our host, and Spike, our guide, made our stay at Hwange a really pleasant and memorable one.
The one day stay at Victoria Falls was, needless to say, an extremely impressive one. We really enjoyed the old world charm of the Vic Falls Hotel, and had really good conversations with the waiters who served us at the restaurant and bar. These guys have worked there for decades, and have seen the hotel and country evolved through the ages. We had so much to learn from them! The immensity and sheer strength of the “smoke that thunders” was such a sight to behold! It is a good reminder of our smallness in this world, a truly humbling experience. That’s one item off our bucket list :)
The landscape and water channels flanked by endless expanse of tall reeds at the delta in Botswana really blew our minds away! It’s really hard to imagine that this little slice of heaven exists on the same earth that we are on, haha! We had the most wonderful welcoming party on our way to Selinda when a herd of elephants crossed the channel right in front of our boat. At Selinda, we were spoiled to bits by the warm hospitality of Lizzie, Dee, and the team. Their commitment and dedication are truly commendable, their passion infectious. Our guide, Donald, was cheeky and fun, and went all out and drove a long distance so Vignesh could fulfil his wish of seeing the pack of wild dogs idling in their den with their 10 puppies! There were elephants EVERYWHERE… and we had a hippo grazing right next to our room while we had our dinner. Mind-blown. 
Baines camp was lovely too, though I must let in to say that our previous experience with Selinda had set the bar so high that one could not help but be slightly disappointed with the little lesser degree of warmth and hospitality from the management team here. Objectively speaking, the property is gorgeous but we were left pretty much on our own throughout the stay, and the management folks were only present to do the “meet and greet”, an act seemingly done out of duty than a real desire to make us feel welcomed. Little effort was made to allow guests to interact with each other (we were not even introduced to each other), and there was no pre-dinner huddle at the campfire which I understood to be an important element in Botswana hospitality. The real winners at the camp were the service staffs, and our guide Fred. I’m not sure if that’s how other people like it, but for a camp as small as Baines is, Vignesh and I were both looking forward to a slightly more personalised touch. Food was excellent though, I’m still drooling over the grilled fish I had there! That said, the one day excursion out with Doug and Sandy with their 3 elephants Jabu, Thembi and Marula was indeed an experience of a lifetime, a great learning experience, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
Before I arrived at Jao, my dear husband had told me that he had simply left the best camp for the last. The helicopter ride in was a real surprise treat, I cannot imagine a better way of beholding the vastness and beauty of the delta, the wondrous work of nature with its varied landscapes. Jao camp was so luxurious, and the staff so marvellous, we couldn’t ask for a better way to end our trip. Our host, Nadia, her boyfriend Jacques and their team really served from their hearts and went the extra mile to ensure our needs were well taken care of and accommodated. We surmised that perhaps, it is precisely their lack of accessibility to everywhere else, that they had to really think way more meticulously to anticipate the guests’ needs, and thus we were delighted to find that their level of hospitality surpassed even the best rated hotels in the cities! Both Vignesh and I aspire to run a small lodge of our own in the near future, and we found there so many positive examples we can learn from, and emulate in our own establishment next time.
Thanks Patricia, for organising this for us. The trip would not be possible if you did not piece everything together for us in such a tight timeframe. We’ve heard from many other guests that they had trouble securing this and that camp because they were fully booked out way in advance, but somehow you miraculously managed to fit us in to where we wanted to stay. THANK YOU!


Greg (Australia 2014)

Wildlight Photographic Expedition Botswana 

Sort about the delay in relying but I have been out of town a bit in the last few weeks since returning. Loved the trip.  Great administration - everything went like clockwork.  The accommodation and food were more than I expected and made the down time comfortable and relaxed or as relaxed as it could be given the amount of time we spent out in the vehicles.  This by the way was the best part - no point being in camp when the animals were all out (except for the leopard and hyenas one night!)I did manage to get some good photos but was disappointed by the number of unusable shots taken and the number of opportunities missed because I was too close to the action.  I should have listened to Dean and gone with the shorter lens for more flexibility.   Having to spend time working through Lightroom to get the finished product takes a little getting used to but the help given by Dean has been invaluable in getting through it. I put some of the finished ones up on my friends HD TV and they were incredibly sharp.  Everyone was quite impressed.Please pass on my thanks to Dean for making a point of pushing the backup hard drive.  It came in handy when I deleted a whole days shoot while in Lightroom.  I had all the photos in the bottom thumbnail section selected to do a sync of some settings and when I finished I went on to develop an individual photo.  At a point I decided to delete what I thought was just the last step but instead it was a deletion of the photo itself.  The problem was that I had not correctly deselected all of the photos. As you can imagine I broke out into a cold sweat as soon as I saw all the photos disappear. I lost about four hours work but was able to transfer the backup files to the master and redo the ones I had worked on. (There may have been a pop up that told me what was going to happen but you know men and instructions.  Needless to say I take a bit more time to read the pop ups now.) I am about to take the camera and lens back to the agent for an inspection of the lens mount as I think that there is excessive play.  I just hope that it is not something that may have affected the fine focus.  My other lens attaches with a solid click and does not move - the Sigma has a 2mm play.I am looking forward to seeing some of Deans photos in the future if that is possible.  I would especially like to see the leopard cub photo again.I think that I should mention that the vehicles used were great for the job especially the ability to open the roof was appreciated for the additional angles provided as well as giving the ability to stretch ageing backs on a long shoot.  It was also great to have Colin and Des along to provide such an in depth commentary to the whole experience.  It was great to listen to people who have lived this experience for such a long time.(If you are talking to Steve at any point can you ask him if he has parked his vehicle in any tents lately).I would also like to thank Dean for all his advice along the way.  I am certainly a lot better and more confident than when I started. All in all a fantastic trip and one I would recommend to any keen photographer. Thanks again for organising such a great trip and who knows I might turn up on another one. Kind Regards,Greg

Ian & Jan (New Zealand 2014)

Zambia & Botswana walking safari

Thank you many times over for all your help in organising our African trip. We had the most amazing time, and all the arrangements for moving between locations went completely smoothly. We were very grateful for this - it looked, at times, as if there was plenty of scope for things to go wrong! But as if by magic people turned up at the right time and in the right place, and looked after us wonderfully.

The experiences we had at Delta Camp and with Norman Carr Safaris were exceptional. You were remembered very fondly at Delta Camp, especially by Ocee, who was our guide when we did the mokoro and camping expedition. I can't really begin to describe why it was so good at the moment - there were too many highlights, and we are busy catching up with ourselves after a total of 7 weeks away - but would be happy to expand at some later stage.
Thanks again

Robert (United Kingdom 2014)

Wildlight Photographic Expedition Botswana

HI!  Sorry to have been so slow in coming back to you after such a superb time.  I'm very busy busy going through the 7000+(!) images I brought back with me.  Attached is my favourite!  I can only say that everything went brilliantly -  organisation, instruction, accommodation, staff etc etc.  All the other guests were so nice and congenial, and helpful too.  
I presume Dean and Chris got home OK.
It was the trip of a lifetime and I would like to thank you all for your organisation and kindness and I hope that I'll be able to follow it up with another adventure in he not-too-distant future.
The very best of wishes,  Robert

Paula and Daniel (New Zealand 2014)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Safari

We just wanted to give you a quick feedback on our first experiences in Africa while it is still fresh in our minds. Everything went so smoothly on the flights, transfers and schedules. Gavin was really good and made the transition really seamless. We arrived at the Victoria Falls Hotel tired but really excited to be here. 
The thought of getting up on the first morning at 5:30am we must admit, didn't initially appeal but our body clocks clicked in to sinc and we were ready for Charles  from the anti-poaching unit at 6:15. He was fantastic, the day was perhaps one of the best we have ever experienced in all the travels we have done. 
Just apart from being professional and knowledgeable , he provided an experience few I think could match.
His knowledge of the bush, it's animals, the spoors, the bird life, his keen eye to identify specific species was incredible.
But he gave us the best experience, to get out of the land rover and track for 1 km into the bush to find a pride of lions one of his patrol had seen. 
We got within 50 m of them as they slept in the middle of the day, we had to purposely wake them so he could do a 'stock take', 4 females 2 males.
I'm not sure this is for everyone and I'm sure he checked out our 'credentials' a bit in the first 1/2 of the day to see if we would be suitable to take into that type of situation, and from what I understand the opportunity to do this is quite rare.
We promise not to be emailing you ever day on 'what we did today in Africa ' but I really wanted to put this company forward as being the best I have been with, the experience was awesome and from what we have seen, people only come to Vic Falls for the river, and leave the game for Chobe etc, we think they are missing something by not doing the anti-poaching tour.
The Victoria Falls Marathon is on Sunday, Paula is going to check out the times there is a 7.5km fun run witch would be fun to do if it fits with our transfers etc, if not we will just have to come back another year to do! To be continued....

Karin (Brazil 2014)

Walking Safari at Delta Camp & Photographic Safari, Botswana 

Now, I am home sweet home ! We have had a wonderful time in Botswana.

Seen animals, being close to them was a great experience.

Everything was very very good: meals, weather, accommodation, staff… including Delta Camp, Lena and Vi were great!

Now we are in South Africa and in some days we will be back to Brazil, but the memories of this trip will stay if us forever. Yes, Lena told us that you lived there and that you have had your first baby there.

Amazing …. you lived in Botswana and now in New Zealand !! Thanks to providing us that wonderful vacation.

Andrew (USA 2013)

Wildlight Photographic Expedition Botswana

I returned yesterday from an amazing photo adventure in and around Botswana that was coordinated by Patricia and Dean at Wildlight Safaris. First, the experience was a magical combination of time of year (September is when the animals congregate at certain locations with water), location (fabulous viewing opportunities afforded only by staying in mobile tents in those areas), talent (working with world renown and Nikon ambassador from New Zealand, Chris McLennan), guides (over 30 years each, including one who consulted with Disney on the creation of the African Safari and Animal Kingdom), and animals (literally hundreds)! Having been to Africa before, specifically Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda,... my expectations were high. And this trip exceeded every expectation! This experience isn't for everyone. If you are looking for a plush lodge and watching tame animals from the balcony of your room, this wasn't your trip. This is for those who want to be in the habitat of these magnificent and in some cases endangered animals. For example, on several nights lions, hyenas, and leopards wandered between the tents. Secondly, Patricia was phenomenal in making trip adjustments when I encountered a "little" passport problem upon arrival in Atlanta for my flight to Johannesburg. Changes were seamlessly made (from my perspective) to transfers, hotels and airlines. I made one phone call, which was the middle of the night where she was, and the problem was resolved. Travel depends on what you want out of your experience. Patricia and Dean expertly created my perfect photo experience. I am confident that they can not only do the same for you but that you will be equally pleased.

Susan (USA 2013)

Wildlight Photographic Expedition Botswana

I can't thank you enough for all of the arrangements you made for us.  The entire trip (except for the plane ride out of Johannesburg - which has nothing to do with you) was the smoothest, best organized trip ever.  Every landing, every border crossing, every detail - there was always someone there looking for us, with our name.  You did a phenomenal job.  Joe and I both said - this far exceeded our expectations.   It was a magical trip.

I told Dean that with all reports saying you'd need a 300mm lens, I thought all the animals would be in the distance and the lens would just bring them some closer.  There were times I could not even use my 100mm lens they were so close, walking past the vehicle.  We were so close - beyond what I had ever dreamed.  And truly, it seems like we saw animals around every corner.  Dean, Des and Colin are so patient, so knowledgeable, reading tracks, signs of animals.  We had wonderful sightings all because of them.  If there aren't good pictures in the 4500 I took, it's not their fault.  And we had fun!  Riding along we'd joke and tease with Des and Dean.  We had alot of laughs.  We also enjoyed hearing about you, your time in the Kalahari, your 2 boys.  My husband also engaged Dean in some lively philosophical discussions, political discussions over dinner.  And I think we had a good group - Toby of course - Nikon could not have gotten a more enthusiastic winner.  We met him at the Safari Club when he said, "This is the farthest I've ever been.  I've only been 3 hours from my home before."  And every day he was so excited just to be taking photos and be in Botswana (as we all were).  And we really enjoyed Sergei and Oxana.  They might even come to Dallas to visit us next May.  And Murrough, even though he wasn't there the entire time, definitely was pleasant to have around.

Thank you for all your patience the many past months, fielding my many questions.  It's truly difficult to describe what the safari is like to someone who hasn't been on one.  You did a great job, always reassuring us and always answering my e-mails promptly.  Also thank you for recommending Elephant Camp.  The stay there was wonderful.  The staff was wonderful.  We couldn't ask for better service.  And we also took a morning walk with Sylvester, the ambassador cheetah.  Joe was enthralled when Sylvester liked the sweat off of his arm.  I even have this on video.  It was a great place to begin to get readjusted back to the world - running water, flush toilets, air conditioning. 

I could go on and on - but - Patricia, thank you so much.  And when we did toast you - you can picture it:  at the end of supper, in the dining tent, candlelight glow, and a happy group of people saying what a fantastic job you had done.

Toby (New Zealand 2013)

Wildlight Photographic Expedition Botswana (Nikon "I am on Safari" competition winner)

Back in NZ, a day off work today to catch up (it feels like 4am at the moment!).

I had a great time, really want to be there still!

Everything thing you organised went to plan which was great as I haven't

really travelled before. The guest house in Johannesburg was nice, definitely needed a night to catch up on sleep.

Also Ilala lodge was really fancy (tried ostrich for dinner) and well run, very convenient to the falls

only about a 10 minute walk. I ended up going to the falls as soon as I got to the vic falls township, then the next day I got up before sunrise and

spent the whole day at the falls taking photos.

Des and Colin were outstanding in there guiding skills, everyday it didn't take long to find animals and lots of leopards! They were very tuned in to

what the animals were doing, where they might be and once we found them predicting what may happen.

The camp was really well run and the staff were very friendly. The food was really good in camp, amazing the effort required to prepare it!  I'll be sorting photos over the next few weeks but I'll post one of my favourite images on your facebook page today.

Helen (Australia 2013)

Oddballs Camp Botswana

Next day rose early to drive to Maun and flew to Odd Balls. This was probably the highlight of the trip. The little private tents were wonderful. At the end of my verandah was a hippo wallow and he came there every night grunting and splashing. We went out in the mokoros and it was a great expe rience, lots of birds and elephants. That night an elephant and her baby cam e into the camp and everyone was scared but eventually  she was chased away. The guides were great and took us to several islands and we saw many a nimals, and giraffes in the distance. It was nice doing the walking safaris a big contrast to Zimbabawe and Namibia where we were in vehicles. Fire flie s at night and very nice meals. Doc, the manager, was very funny and se emed to enjoy talking with us. He usually manages the other part of the camp . We probably saw more birds here than anywhere else, including the rare sad dle back stork and a fishing owl. We went to the nearby village the home of our guide and it was very interesting although it looked like a film set. Ar e all villages as tidy as this?. The last night the hippos came straight int o camp as soon as they turned the lights off. It was probably our closest in teraction with wildlife on the trip. We felt we would have liked to stay longer in Botswana. Our interactions with camp staff were great and we felt right at home. Ira is already planning to go back and do some wild camping. The guides said this was a fabulous experience! The view from the verandah at Odd Balls is hard to beat. I will always remember it.

Maria (Italy 2013)

Green Season Safari in Okavango Delta & Chobe National Park, Botswana

Thank you so much for making our Celebrations very special. We had such a nice time at Muchenje and the walks at Oddballs were indeed spectacular.  We would like to come back and visit Zambia next year.  Will contact you then again.

Janet (South Africa 2012)

14 day Luxury Lodge safari in Botswana and Victoria falls-Zimbabwe. 

Firstly a big thank you to you and team. All the arrangements were spot on. We loved every minute of our trip.  

Especially we need to say how wonderfully helpful Debbie at Savuti was when the news of Elspeth's Mum came through.  I suspect that you might have had to help E's brother get in touch with us.

 in no special order tidbits you might want to know are

 2 great pilots and one sulky american one.  I think he has had enough of africa and his lack of enthusiasm came through on the day.  It may just have been a bad day for some reason as having missed our morning outing as he was due at 9.30 he only arrived much later.... 

All three Orient Express Lodges were great. Comfy, friendly, good guides, good food. Helicopter ride was special thanks for swinging that. Pride of Zambezi was fun and the staff did a great job. They work well as a team. Geoff enjoyed the fishing. 

Illala was also just fine. So well situated. We had one dinner at the Vic Falls hotel which was good despite the hotel crawling with tours and backpackers.  However the al la carte at Illala was  actually a superior experience in every way. Beautifully presented meals of ostrich steak and Zambezi bream.

All in all we had a magical time both in SA and also on our safari.  Will be sending others to you should they ask my advice.

I'm still smiling at being served "early grey" tea and having an 'open building stork' pointed out to me.  The birding was good by the way.  A few of the early migrants beginning to appear eg carmine bee eaters. 

Nicky (Australia 2012)

6 nights Okavango Delta-Botswana, Victoria falls-Zimbabwe premier safari.

Yes, we had a brilliant time on our safari.

Shinde was fantastic and definitely one of the premier camps – the owners and staff there are fantastic. The 'Pride of the Zambezi' houseboat was amazing – so very relaxing and it was great that we could work to our own schedule.

Victoria Falls was also great.  I loved the hotel.

Thanks again for organising such a great trip for us.

Ian (United Kingdom 2012)

6 day Okavago Delta adventure safari- Botswana.

Just a quick line, we have had a fantastic time at 'Oddballs' couldn't fault it. All the team there were great. Came back from the Mokoro bush trip dirty and probably somewhat smelly, but had a great time, we saw loads of animals including eye to eye with a pride of Lions, (like you do everyday). 

All went like clockwork thanks very much.

Tanya & Craig (New Zealand 2012)

21 day safari, Kruger NP-south africa, Okavango Delta & Chobe NP- Botswana, Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe.

We wanted to send you a note to say a big THANK YOU for organising such a wonderful holiday for us – we had the most amazing time in Southern Africa, and it was definitely one of our best holidays so far.  The lodges which you recommended were just fantastic and very hard to fault – they were exactly the types of places we were after.

 We saw the big 5 as well as lots of other animals (the only one to evade us was a cheetah) so we were very lucky.  We even saw the recent wild dog puppies at Lagoon Camp – they were very cute.  We have lots of photos to go through and memories that will last us a lifetime.

 Thanks again, Patricia – your help in organising our holiday was simply the best.  I hope that you had a good holiday too!

Kathryn (Canada 2012)

20 Day adventure, Planes, Trains and safari guides-Botswna & Zimbabwe.

We had an absolutely wonderful time. It feels strange to be home.  

We loved Nxai Pan. You were right that it was a good place to recover from a long flight. The lodge is so lovely and the staff were so warm and welcoming. It was thrilling to be able to see elephants from our room.

 The Letaka safari was definitely the highlight of the trip.  When you've slept in a tent with a leopard calling nearby you have really been on safari. We saw all kinds of game and our guide Disho was the best.  He has an outsize personality and he knows everything about the bush. I was amazed at how good the food was and all cooked over a campfire - we had cheese soufflés one night. The staff were just lovely. It was a bit hard getting up at 5:30 in the cold but it was worth it. We were very lucky with other people on the trip. We all got along very well. I miss the smell of mopane wood campfires. We felt a bit snobbish later in the trip when we met people who had only stayed in lodges.

 You were right about the Chobe Safari lodge as well. It really is just a big impersonal hotel but it was nice to be back in the world of plumbing and proper beds. The food wasn't as good as we had on the safari, it was perfectly fine but the safari food was super and of course, everything tastes better outdoors. It was also nice to be able to walk about which we couldn't do very much in the bush.

 Imbabala Lodge was just lovely. Our little chalet was so sweet and so comfortable with a view of the Zambezi. The game drives were a bit tame compared to Letaka but we enjoyed them. The food was wonderful. It is a very relaxing place.

The Victoria Falls hotel was amazing. We really enjoyed it. It was just about the opposite of camping in the bush. We didn't need a transfer to the train station (although the nice man from Wild Horizons did come to show us the way). The entrance is just a few yards from the hotel. They open a gate in the fence between the hotel and the train platform.

Rovos Rail was wonderful too. It is a bit over the top! They actually had a red carpet leading up to the train. The lunches and dinners were all four courses with matching wines and I don't think we could have managed it for much longer.

The Safari Club was just ok

We had an incredibly good time and all our connections and transfers went very smoothly. Thank you very much for all your help and good advice.

Kamalesh & Sato (Australia 2012)


Our 2010 safari deserved 10/10, so this one has to be 15/10. The sightings were amazing. Your patiently offered photographic advice was incredibly useful and has enhanced my ability to make better use of my camera as well as take better safari photographs.  I've begun looking at my shots and am reminded of the wild cats we saw early in the morning, the wattle cranes with the chick; numerous leopard sightings; the three cheetahs; numerous wild dogs and their pups; some great bird shots; hippos fighting, mating and grazing in daytime; lovely elephant shots - despite them being a lot less numerous than in 2010; great lion experience highlighted of course by the two elephant kills and of course the incredibly close encounter; hyenas - that we did not see last time. We certainly hope to do another Okavango trip with you probably preceded by the Tanzania in 2014. 

Morrice (Australia 2012)

6 day Livingston-zambia, Okavango Delta-Botswana luxury Safari.

Everything went to plan and all of the arrangements Patricia made worked perfectly - we just had to put our trust in the system a couple of times ( eg; on the transfer from Zambia to Bots !) but everything worked out fine.

The Camp at Okuti was magical and the Delta experience even better than what we had expected. Stanley Safari Lodge was ok. 

Overall a memorable trip. The family and I will get back to the Delta again at some point in the future to continue our safari experiences.

Michael (Australia 2012)

10 day Luxury Safari: Okavango delta & Makgadikgadi Pans-Botswana, Victoria falls-Zimbabwe, Nairobi-Kenya.

First and most importantly, Teresa and I had a wonderful time. Everything went superbly well, the lodges were all magnificent, the service impeccable, the people unbelievable hospitable, the scenery as magnificent as we had imagined, and the wildlife were plentiful and stunning! 

 We were particularly appreciative of your efforts and attention to detail. It is remarkable how important the ‘little things’ can be on such a trip. Being met at J’burg airport to store our baggage and transfer to Maun, lending us the camera bean bags, advice about what to expect at the Botswana-Zimbabwe border, your recommendations of accommodation, and so on. We remarked that all your recommendations turned out perfectly, and the only recommendation we didn’t take (you may recall you suggested the Victoria Falls Hotel and we opted for the Illala Lodge) turned out such that we wish we had taken your advice. (Nothing wrong with Illala, but the Vic Falls Hotel was lovely.)

 For what it is worth, we can offer some specific feedback.

 Jacks Camp was magnificent and our favourite. This was probably aided by having the entire camp to ourselves – no other guests for the three nights we were there! This meant we had our own vehicle and the head guide, Chuba. We cannot speak highly enough of the camp and staff at Jacks. The activities and drives were fabulous. We were uncertain about the quad biking, but that afternoon and evening was a highlight of the trip. We would go back without hesitation and happily recommend Jacks to anyone.

 The two orient express lodges, Khwai River Lodge and Savute Elephant Camp, were also excellent. We were lucky at Khwai also in that the camp was empty for the first night and then only a few guests for the other two nights. Again, a vehicle and guide to ourselves. By Savute the numbers were more ‘normal’. These lodges seemed more business-like than Jacks, which had a more genuine fun and friendly feel. Having said that, the lodges were great with friendly and efficient staff and we would happily recommend them to others. 

We loved Victoria Falls, and I enjoyed a helicopter flight over the falls and surrounds. The flight really gave a perspective on how huge the falls are. Thank you for the Zambezi cruise – we enjoyed the sunset over the mighty river! 

Giraffe Manor might have been the most expensive accommodation in Nairobi, but it was worth every cent to us! Feeding the giraffes in the morning over breakfast was an experience of a lifetime. We also enjoyed visiting the elephant orphanage and the Kazumi bead factory.

 I left Africa with over four thousand photos, which I am still enjoying working through. I think I have many pleasant months ahead doing so. 

 So, rather belatedly, thank you for making our first Africa trip such an absolute joy.

Chris (USA 2012)

Everything was excellent. A great balance of rest for Joanne and birding for me. A good pair of camps – with driving , Moroko and walking.

The local guide found one Pels and Joanne found the 2nd bird on a nest. Hopefully they will produce young this year. We were also lucky with Leopard and good views of Lion, plus Slaty Egret, Wattled Crane and Lesser jacana plus loads more.

Many thanks for your arrangements, it appears that the team at Delta Camp remember you well – specifically Matt.

Veena (USA 2012)

We had a wonderful time in Botswana. We really appreciate all of your help in coming up  with a perfect itinerary. There is nothing we would have changed about the itinerary, we both agreed that the camps and sites were set up the best way possible. And what a perfect ending it was to end at Jack's Camp. We really appreciate the upgrade, it was a great way to end the trip!

All of the lodges were great and your descriptions of each camp were spot on. The staff at each camp were a delight. We were very fortunate to be able to spend Christmas at Xakanaka. They treated us to a lovely Christmas eve dinner where they gave us each a hand printed card and a little ornament, as well as entertained us with song and dance. We also met some fantastic people there.

We really loved the experience at Kwara, "rustic" as you said, that was the least "nicest" of the camps. The tents could use some renovation (the manager did they they were supposed to undergo a renovation). We had a baboon tear the screen and come into our room while we were at breakfast, though luckily nothing of ours was damaged. But the staff and the experience made up for the tent quality. We had lions close to our camp and we could hear them roaring all night, as well as hippos chomping on food near our tent, and leopard sounds as well. So while the lodging was rustic, it was part of a true Delta experience that one has at Kwara, so we are so glad we stayed there.

By the time we got to Sango, we were a little tired from all the early morning game drives but we loved Sango, the tents were so nice (we had the best sleep there since arriving to Botswana as there was significantly less animal noises through the night and the beds were very comfortable).

Jack's Camp was a welcome change from the Delta. We had a really nice New Year's Eve there. We were fortunate to meet a lot of great folks throughout our stay in Botswana which helped by sitting as a group for meals.

Thank you for all the information you provided to us to help us plan and prepare for our trip. We have told many people how happy we were with you, as you are the only person who provided the information we needed to plan this trip. Given the poor information from other travel agents prior to booking this trip, we would not have gone to Botswana this year if it weren't for your help.

Frank (USA 2012)

Victoria Falls & Botswana Premier Safari break

The whole trip was magnificent. The hotel was spectacular, as were the Falls. Thank you for taking such great care of us. Jean and I had the trip of a lifetime.

We have survived the storm, although still without power.

Thank you for your thoughts

Michael Purcell (California USA 2011)

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Does that give an idea about how much I enjoyed Dean's Photo Safari. Our tracker and driver, Desmond Pretorious and Dean worked extremely well together to make all of us feel important guests. I especially loved having proper mid-morning tea break in the bush.

We also had such good luck in getting in the right place to take memorable photographs. And the chemistry among us all also helped make our safari an individual and group success. No one complained when we patiently waited for natural events to take place. The inevitable outcome rewarded with incredible shots of big game animal life.

Our ground crew of 3 very willing and resourceful men spoiled us rotten with great food and incredible fresh bread, rolls and cakes. My curiousity about how their field kitchen could create such memorable meals resulted in a narrated tour by our Master Bush Iron Chef, Kezar.

The other members of our illustrious group, Jonathan & Josh Banks and your nephew Yasper were great companions and new friends.

Thank you ever so much for offering this optional opportunity especially after my dear friend Robin had to cancel.

I look forward to bragging to all those guys I know at home who are real outdoorsmen whom know respond well to my testimonial. I've got to rush off at the moment. All the best and please stay in touch.

Kindest Regards, Michael

Manuel Conceica (USA 2011)

YES AND YES I had a memorable adventure and couldn't have been better planned. Roughen a bit first and lux at the end.
I did enjoy it immensely and told by a veteran of repeats safaris Evelyn I was told right at the first minutes we had one of the best guides she ever had in Africa (this was her 17tyh trip to Africa). And yes he was so knowledgeble and nice.
Last but not least thank you for all your very good work. If we are heading for another recession nothing will happen sooooo soon other wise would love to go to Tanzania to experimente "the great migrations" may be next year.
Love Cape Town...... So are YOU getting enough praise???
Thank you so much
Warm regards Manuel

Joshua Banks (Australia 2011)

Thanks for your Birthday greetings. Got back last night. I wanted to thank you personally for all your efforts with this trip. It was an experience I will never forget and it was a real pleasure travelling with Dean and Jasper (spelling?). I could list highlights but it was pretty much all highlights! I'm already starting to think about my return.....
When you get a chance, could you please pass on positive feedback to Maun regarding the team of Kayser, Timothy and Pula. Those guys were superb with their service and hospitality and were a huge part of our enjoyment of the experience. It was a real privilege to have Des as our guide too. He was simply awesome in action and great fun as well. I
Thats it for now, will be in touch.
Thanks Again

Carolyn (South Africa 2011)

Thanks for organising an Amazing Safari.
Imbabala was also stunning. Thanks for being efficient All coming together. Thought Dean, Des & Grant were great. Also saw an amazing amount of game at Imbabala one day 300 Elephant crossing, we were with them! Also saw a stunning herd of Buffalo in dusky sunset, plenty of active birdlife, hippos, crocs bush buck etc. Food beautifully presented and tasty, hospitality tops. Accommodation super with stunning views. Herewith some images Working on masses of them.

Richard Answorth (Australia 2011)

I enjoyed the Wildlight Safari very much. Dean and Des were outstanding. Dean was extremely helpful in giving all of us advice on which camera settings to use for which particular subject matter, light situations etc. All of us on Des' vehicle commented on how helpful this had been. Des had a huge knowledge of both Botswana, its flora and fauna and photography and it was thanks to his skill that we were able to be positioned correctly for the various critical situations we found ourselves in.

The service provided by the ground staff was phenomenal. How Kaiser managed to provide such outstanding catering in the bush will be a mystery to me for as long as I live! Similarly the service provided by Pula and Andrew was brilliant. Their lightning-fast dismantling of the camp on moving days and setting up in the new location was unbelievably efficient. Not to mention their waiting on us, doing the laundry etc. etc. Everything they did was both efficient and good humoured.

The incredible wild dog sightings were the highlight of the trip for me, as well as seeing the three very small leopard cubs. These two things alone made the cost of the trip worthwhile. 
As a group, we got on very well. We certainly had some hilarious moments and I'm sure we'll all remember such good times with a great deal of fondness.

In conclusion may I thank for personally for your amazing professionalism and the outstanding level of service you provided me. I've honestly not encountered anything as good in my 40+ years in the travel industry. It goes without saying that I'll be contacting you again to make the arrangements for my next trip to Africa. I'm thinking about Mozambique and Zambia, but I'd dearly love to return to Muchenje and the Victoria Falls Hotel. I wonder if Zimbabwe visas are available here in Australia?

Many thanks indeed and say hi to Dean when he gets back home.

Kathy (New Zealand 2011)

Arrived back in Australia Saturday and heading home to New Zealand next Sunday.
We had an amazing time in Botswana and Zambia. The new lodge at Ngoma is fantastic. Absolutely no complaints, staff great, food very good, guide Bevan helpful and very informative, chalets very upmarket and very very comfortable and superbly done out and views over the river lovely. We had a sunset drive and drinks by the river and watched the setting sun, as well as a day trip to Kasane looking at all the different animals on the way and then a boat cruise on the river. Slight problem at Kasane as I got stuck in a toilet ( lock broke) and it took a while before anyone realized I was missing !!!!!!!!!!! Only disappointment at Ngoma, we didn't see any cats.
After Ngoma we thought it would be hard for Chongwe to match up but we actually enjoyed our time at Chongwe more. The main reason being the actually camp itself. I don't know if you have been their but it is in a very pretty spot being set up right on the Chongwe River mouth where it goes into the Zambia River. The Zambia river is beautiful. The camp itself had elephants, wart hogs, sables. Baboons, impala wandering through it and hippos and crocodiles in and on the river banks. The elephants come right up to and around the tents, and I even had an elephant trunk come over the en-suite wall, while I was in the shower (that was a little close for comfort). We watched the elephants crossing the river and could sit in our deck chairs and watch so much happening. As well as that there is the choice of fishing, sunset cruises, locals village and canoeing. The staff where great, food great and to top it all our very first safari we came across a 'pride' of 11 lions sunbathing after having had a big eat. 
All in all we ALL had an amazing time and would have no hesitation in recommending either place to people. 
We were pleased we did Ngoma first as we all enjoyed Chongwe more. They are quite different which is what I asked you for and you did a great job giving us the two different experiences. Ngoma had the up market accommodation, giraffes and more wild life to see from the truck and Chongwe while, very comfortable tents and ensquites, felt as if we were more on a camping trip and the animals through the camp were a wonderful experience.
Thank you Patrica for making my 60th birthday something I will always remember and I will recommend you to anyone traveling to Africa. The trip far surpassed my expectations.

Sergii Nadiezhdin (Ukraine 2011)

 This letter I want say to you Many Thanks for Your supporting of my trip to Botswana. We spent a beautiful time in a wild nature. I hope this tour was not last. I will find a solution for Visa supporting for next Wildlight photography tour. Sincerely Yours, Serg and Oksana

Jan Moore (Qatar 2011)

I arrived home yesterday morning after a superb trip. At Nxai Pan Lodge there was only one other guest on the first night, I was by myself on the second and with a German couple on the third night, so I felt like a Princess. The 9 day mobile safari was everything that I hoped it would be. Joe Ramsden, the guide, was absolutely brilliant. He was an amazing tracker and spotter and knew the behaviour of the animals so well that he could predict where they would emerge from the bush with 100% accuracy. 

We saw 3 different leopards, including one with her cub, hundreds of elephants and buffalo, lots and lots of giraffes, zebras and of course all of the antelopes, many hippos, crocodiles, jackals, hyenas, several lionesses and cubs, 4 cheetahs and two magnificent male lions - all within 25 or so metres away. One leopard strolled very close to the vehicle, looking at us with curiosity, the elephants trumpeted and flapped their ears, but did not go any further as we sat quietly in the vehicle absolutely awed. The male lions ignored us as they strolled majestically by about 30 metres away. The bird life was equally as varied and prolific - it is a birder's paradise.

All the staff everywhere were professional, friendly and couldn't do enough for me. I loved the Safari Club in Johannesburg. Berlize is fanatastic and Justice looked after me very well, taking me to Soweto on the first day and dropping me off and then picking me up again from the Apartheid Museum on my way back.

I already miss the night sky and seeing my beloved Southern Cross. I arrived back in Doha to 45 degrees, high humidity and a dust storm. But I leave for Toronto early Wednesday morning where I'll probably feel the cold at only 24 degrees!

Thank you for the wonderful job you did, Patricia. I have sung your praises far and wide, and will continue to do so.

Warm regards,

Jennifer (Australia 2011)

Thanks for organising our holiday for us. We had a great time even with Delta Air dropping us at the wrong airstrip at Savute (should have dropped us at the Chobe airstrip).

Thanks for the sunset cruise (very unexpected), but as we booked two events through Falcon, you shouldn't have to pay for that.

Feedback on each stage of the holiday is as follows -
Sango was great in all respects. It was a well run camp and the fact that one of the owners was a local man (quiet achiever) who assisted with serving drinks etc, made it even more special. The showers are bucket and you have to order your hot water. I 

Kwara - great setting and great guide. Food was not as good as at the other camps, but it was OK. Grass was very tall, which made it difficult to see game, but we managed to see quite a bit. We had an elephant go throught the camp and had hippo munching outside our tent each night made it special (noisy eaters)

Oddballs - I enjoyed the difference with oddballs (most basic camp of all of them) I loved it.

Stanleys - great setting, but the guide was not the best and so we didn't see much game. We did see leopard here, but managed to go through a bee hive as we left the leopard. Geoff got stung and I ended up with bees in my hair, but avoided getting stung (I must admit that I was very anxious). The elephant walk was great and very informative (you don't get to do much walking with the elephants, but still a great experience).

Savute - fantastic location and staff and guides were fantastic. We saw elephant crossing the river from our tent. Managed to also see a pride of lion stalking zebras and warthogs (thank goodness nothing came of it, but I was ready with fingers in the ears just in case). Came across the first obnoxious american for the trip who couldn't care about anyone else and didn't listen to the guide (poor old Geoff had me muttering in his ear that this was why I did not like travelling with americans)!

Muchenje - Great location and great hosts and guides. We saw a lot of game in Chobe including lion and sable. The all day safari is to be recommended as it includes a trip down the Chobe River.

Vic Falls Hotel was fantastic and the Boma was a great experience. We also went on the chopper ride (not great if you end up with the middle seat as I did) and we also went on the Lion Encounter, which was great and again very informative. The sunset cruise was a bit basic, but made me smile. Again, thanks for organising the holiday.

Sharne van der Berg (UK 2011)

I had a wonderful, scary, challenging, dirty, emotional, terrifying, awe inspiring and wonderful trip!! Would I do it again? No….not because I didn’t love it…but because if I tried to replicate the experience it would not live up to what I achieved and experienced with Letaka Safaris – exceptional experience.

I upgraded myself to business class on the way out – had to be done – I was glad I did as I was straight into a safari when I arrived. Managed to get a shower and change into my safari gear at Jo’burg – which was good J Joe our guide was incredible – he was a true tracker – taught us so much – was really patient and took us to some amazing places which I know others will not have seen. I saw every creature imaginable – including praying mantis and dragonflies! We had a real “up close and personal” with elephants which froze me to the spot at the malaria tablets made me hallucinate on the first night – hilarious!! 

Thank you for your guidance and patience booking the experience – it was really wonderful.

I’ve recommended you and Letaka to friends who are all now keen to have the safari experience – now that I’ve come back alive!!

Sam Savill (Taiwan 2011)

There was certainly an air of excitement on board the Cessna Caravan, amongst the passengers as we winged our way high over the Ngorongoro Crater toward our final destination Kogetende Airstrip, which is situated right on the Dance Floor of the Northern Serengeti in Tanzania. It's fair to say that all the passengers, which were of all nationalities, had each there own personnel agenda of what experiences they would like to fulfill, whilst being in the surreal setting on the Northern Serengeti. Whether it be the vast expanse of the Migration or the extensive bird life, the breath taking vista of the vast out stretching plains of the Serengeti's Savanna, or simply a place to come and relax. However as you carry on reading below, the latter seemed almost impossible to achieve, as this area was about to put on one of natures best, and most extraordinary shows, and the final curtain was far from being dropped.

For me,my personnel agenda was all about seeing the big Cats, and other predators In action. Quite a small ask some might say, and it sure proved to be, as I experienced so much more, and I took away with me a new found respect as to how nature really works and the cruel blows it deals to the unfortunate or the weak.
Once we landed at Kogetende airstrip we were warmly welcomed by our guide, who had a huge smile on his face, as he knew something was a foot and he passed comment that we had certainly timed it right! As we made our way to Olakiar Camp, which is a semi mobile camp on the banks of stunning Mara river, our home for the next few days, nature suddenly raised the curtain, and center stage before us was the mass evidence that the migration had come to town and we had better have our dancing shoes on. The drive to Olakiar Camp usually would take about 45 mins. However the morning of July 12th 2011 would prove to take a lot longer. The best way to describe what we were seeing was simply incredible. There was just a mass of Wildebeest and Zebra all around us, and as far as the eye could see. Huge bellows of dust in the far distances, as these migratory animals gallop up and down the relentless banks of the great Mara River in search of a safe place to cross. Nature had bought it's "A game" along and I had already chewed through over 100 photos and we were not yet at camp.
Once arrived at camp we were again welcomed by the friendly and very helpful staff of Olakiar Camp. Nothing was a problem, and they were more than accommodating to meet your every need. The camp was very comfortable, and the food outstanding! 
After trying to settle in, which proved difficult as constantly huge herds in view from our tent threatened to cross the Mara River, we settled into a well deserved lunch.
At 3 pm we were met by our guide again, and set off on our afternoon drive. Lion, Hyena, Cheetah and Elephant were all ticked of my list and within 24 hrs of being in this area the big five had all showed there faces, and I was more than happy to have them locked in on my list. Every game drive was different, but the same feeling always hung around me. I personally had never seen or experienced such vast numbers of Animals. Just as you think this migration might be thinning out, in the far distance you would see another huge heard coming to join the party, and enjoy the fruits of natures new green grass which had previously been supplied by earlier rains. It's is truly an experience that every human should see! 
Over the next few days we were more than fortunate to experience a river crossing, a pride of Lions attacking, a Cheetah in a full flight assault and a Leopard on a very fresh kill. For me the huge heard of Wildebeest crossing the Mara River was the high light. A very calculated but also very noisy execution of natures way for these animals to reach greener grass and breeding grounds. I could defiantly sympathize with this group. It was like us having to go the dentist. Know one really wants to go, but we all know it's for the sake of the better good. It only takes one out of thousands to decide to it, and then all of a sudden it's a case of last one in is a rotten egg! A truly amazing and fulfilling sight.
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the staff at Olakiar Camp for making the stay so memorable. And also to Wild light Safaris, through there true professionalism, knowledge, organization and logistical skills, made this a trip of a lifetime. With out single doubt in my mind, I'll be booking my next African experience through you guys. Thank you again for such a Superlative tour.
For anyone else who reads this, and is thinking of going to see this marvel, I would like to leave you with this quote by a famous explorer.
" If you are ever in your lifetime going to visit two continents, make sure you visit Africa twice!!"

Happy Migration

Sam Savill

John Carnemolla (Australia 2010)

That pair were just like kids in a candy store, they were fantastic, I think we only saw our campsite twice in daylight, up at 4 & 5am and not back in camp until after dark.

It was the best trip ever, great pictures and a great crew. Tell Dean I'll sent half a dozen of the best pix as soon as the editing is finished. Lorraine wanted to bring the cook home, the food was 5 star every meal.
Thanks again for all your help, I think we'll do it all again year after next.

Bev & Peter Clark (New Zealand 2010)

A very belated but none the less sincere thank you for your part in our Africa Adventure. Everything you organised/suggested was absolutely suited to our needs and wants. The transition from one destination to the next went like clockwork with no hiccups in connections. The guides and drivers were excellent and nothing was a bother to any of them.There were many highlights, many memorable moments and now it all seems a bit surreal. Botswana certainly was such a highlight and my grandchildren are most impressed that Nana was able to sleep in a tree hut at Delta Camp, although Nana was not to sure about the elephant shaking the tree for the nuts beside us. Delta provided a wonderful farewell meal for us to say goodbye to our Safari part.

So heartfelt thanks for all your sound advice and guidance. I am sure we would not have had such a memorable experience without it.
Grateful Thanks
Bev and Peter

Michelle Ceo (Hong Kong 2010)

We had a great time. 
1. Stanley Safari Lodge was so fantastic. I really really loved it. Food fantastic. All in activities for tour very good. It was the highlight of the entire trip. 
2. First lodge - food was so good. And we saw 2 game kills i.e. wild dog chasing after an impeller and a leopard with a leftover impeller. Scenary (as in view from room) better than Little Kwara. 
3. Little Kwara - food not so good and dining area very dark. Otherwise saw lions 3 times because they had a tracker and a guide who was just SO good at their job!! 
4. boat ride from Okavakengo reserve and Little Kwara was the right way to arrange the logistics. One of the persons we met - had her FLY! We would have been so mad if we were her!! 
4. The Johannesburg hotel worked out to be good but the shopping centre was really really LOUSY so I wouldn't recommend that as a selling point. In johannesburg we had a chance meeting with a porter who introduced us to a tour for soweto. So had a really great time.

Elizabeth Tepstra (New Zealand 2010)

Have been meaning to mail you for some weeks now but trips away always create a back log of issues to be dealt with on return, and the earthquakes and extreme weather have meant there hasn't been much spare time!!

We of course all fell in love with Africa. 
Spent a couple of days with David in Gabarone - amazing amount of development and construction going on there and it was great to visit Central Medical Supplies to see how his job is going. He has a nice new house and some good friends

The safari trip you booked for us was amazing - no problems with connections, accommodation or activities. 
Xakanaxa was a great way to start. Safaris were interesting and varied. The whole concept from sun up to sun down intrigued us, was at a perfect pace and we enjoyed the hospitality at the camp.

Transfer to Kwara by boat was a nice point of difference although not many animals or fish to see. We had a great time at Kwara - the distances 4 x 4 were bigger but we had some amazing experiences - discovered a pair of lion cubs 2 - 3 months old that the guides thought may have died, got very close to lion and cheetah, and saw some bigger herds of zebra, impala etc - also false charge by a lone male elephant had us on the edge of our seats. We enjoyed a makoro ride quite close to hippos and a bush walk - the water was fantastic - hippos outside at night and a symphony of bull and bell frogs! We felt the vehicles, bridges etc needed a bit of maintenance and the food was lovely but perhaps not quite enough for the numbers of visitors.

Flights all very efficient and satisfactory.
Muchenje was a whole different experience - long 4 x 4 trips to get to the Chobe river but the herds of animals and variety we saw were staggering. We were very lucky to get such variety and a river safari which was fantastic. The lodge was a bit more commercial and not so intimate but a nice place to stay.
Our only hassle was the transfer to Victoria Falls - and that was possibly lack of information from staff at Muchenje - our transfer to Kasane was earlier than scheduled and we took an earlier ride to Vic Falls than booked but fares were transferred efficiently and it made no difference in the end.

Zimbabwe was quite a different atmosphere - broken land and desperate people - but we loved the experience at Vic Falls Hotel. You were so right - transported back in time, service was great and the highlight was that we had a perfect experience walking out amongst the spray so close to the falls. So much water and not a breath of wind - fantastic. We also took your advice and had a meal at Boma - what fun - sampled everything and joined in the drumming etc.

Wildlight Safari staff at the airports were fantastic - especially for Jody at Johannesburg as she had a very quick transfer to Botswana Air and would have missed the connection without assistance (seasoned traveler that she is!!) The transfer at Capetown was much appreciated as we were travel weary by then and we settled in for a wonderful few days in Capetown. The Waterfront apartment was perfect for us - the weather was again perfect - didn't see mist on the mountain all the time we were there - the young all climbed to the top (Nick and I took the cable car as their pace was beyond us) We dined out and shopped and drove to the cape - fantastic time in the south.

The trip up the Garden Route was a little rushed as we could have spent more time in the vineyards and in coastal areas but a great eye opener for all of us.
The girls flew out of Port Elizabeth while Dave, Nick and I enjoyed the final weekend in Durban which is also a wonderful place. Even went to the 'Durban July'

We all agreed that there could be no better family holiday or experience together. The fact that we were with our young (all in their 30's) and still a family nucleus was special and not an occasion that we will have the chance to repeat.

Thank you so much for all your assistance, knowledge and guidance - your experience was invaluable and made our trip the highlight it was. We would love to have another trip sometime if David stays in Africa. Perhaps more Okavango and remote Chobe or even Tanzania and Kenya
Liz and family

Anand Kamalesh (Australia 2010)

Back at work today. Sato is taking the week off. Had a wonderful time. Dean was great company, very informative and patiently helpful with my amateur photographic skills. Brent was passionate and full of enthusiasm - we were allowed to accompany him on his safari - when he says that he employs the south african version of democracy, he was not joking. fortunately, what he was interested in pursuing and seeing was pretty good stuff - e.g. cheetahs drinking and a day spent following a leopard. all your arrangements worked well thank you.

Jane & Howard Frazer (New Zealand 2000)

We had a wonderful time at both safari parks. Liked Chongwe better but that doesn't in the least detract from Ngoma. Chongwe because of the closeness to the animals some of which visited our camp. Also saw lions which had just dined overnight on an elephant. Simply a magic experience and the camp tent accommodation was fantastic.

We would be more than happy to provide a reference for you if it would be helpful.

Thanks so much for choosing these camps for us. We will never forget the experience.

Peter & Trevor (Australia 2000)

We could not have had better photographic guides. We found their knowledge and expertise was fantastic. We would recommend this safari to others. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for a job well done and making our adventure a memorable one. So many shots to get through now!

Susan & Tom Isgar (USA 2000)

Botswana was absolutely wonderful! It still fills me with joy. It was the best trip I have ever been on, and I've been on some really good ones. 
We had many unusual, even rare, opportunities for photography as well as abundant "standard" chances. 
Our guides were endlessly patient, helpful and ingenious I learned a lot from them. 
It truly was outstanding. Thank you so much 
(Susan 2008, professional photographer with 20yrs experience from the U.S.)

Gianluca (Italy 2000)

I really had a great time, I learned a lot about wildlife, nature and photography thanks to our guides, the added value they bring to the experience is immense. The overall service was excellent,we had some exceptional sightings.